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Båtsfjord Brygge

Holiday houses close to the Barents Sea

VarangerVardøTroms og Finnmark

Båtsfjord Brygge is a complete resort for anglers and others who want to experience the coast of Finnmark. Barents Sea with Austhavet is just outside the resort and offers great fishing spots. It is a short distance to fishing spots for cod, halibut, redfish, haddock and many other species. Båtsfjord is Norways largest fishing harbor. Norwegian and Russian fishing boats dominate the harbor.

• Norways largest fishing village and the largest Nordic fishing harbor

• Deep-sea fishing, cod, halibut, wolffish, redfish are some of the species

• Large freezer room

• Midnight Sun

• Restaurant and cafe / pub on site

• Good salmon fishing in the river Syltefjordelva

• Great northern lights

• Gasoline do you purchase directly from the host.


Båtsfjord Brygge - Holiday houses close to the Barents Sea

Sea fishing

If the weather is good, you can experience fantastic fishing at Storgrunnsbakken, which is 10 nautical miles out at the Barents Sea. Here you can experience some of Norway's best sea fishing.

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