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Beverlys Hill Velfjord

Experience top quality fishing in Velfjord


Beverlys Hill is located by the Velfjord in Brønnøy.

Here yoy will find fantastic fishing for halibut, cod, saithe, anglerfish, salmon, sea trout and other species.

Lomsdal Visten National Park provides great opportunities for hiking and fishing in the sea, rivers and inland waters with large trout and char.

Both accommodation and fishing facilities are with a very high standard. With the boats located only 50 meters from the house, Beverlys Hill is a perfect starting point for good fishing.

We offer guided fishing trips. You can also participate in guided tours into the National Park.

We have our own boat which we use for the guided tours. T

he area offers great hiking terrain with many marked trails and stunning views.

• NB: minimum 3 nights

• Very high standard!

• Perfect fishing

• Norwegian and English speaking hosts

• Marked hiking routes with varying degrees of difficulty

• The area has a rich animal and bird life

• Fish cleaning facilities, cold room and freezer adjacent to the house!

• Payment of petrol etc only by credit card

• Accommodaton and boat must be booked on same date in the period between 01.05 – 01.09


Beverlys Hill Velfjord - Experience top quality fishing in Velfjord

Sea fishing

The Velfjord is known for its excellent coalfish and redfish catches, but the area has also gained an excellent reputation among halibut and sea trout anglers

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