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Bogøya Sjøfiske



It is difficult to find a more authentic coastal environment than what you will find at little Bogøyvær at the far end of Frøya. Here there is no noisy car traffic, no fussy shopping centers or large crowds - only a few houses and an enormous sea with lots of big fish. You can easily reach Bogøyvær by speedboat from Frøya, and the sea is accessible to you with the help of one of the stable fishing boats we have for hire. If you want a fishing holiday of the exclusive type, Bogøy Sjøfiske is definitely the place you choose.


• Large deposits of the most popular fish species of central Norway

• Watercraft, kayak, SUP and fishing equipment for hire

• Authentic coastal culture

• No need for a car at Bogøyvær

• Transfer from Frøya possible


Bogøya Sjøfiske -

Sea fishing

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