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Fagervika Rorbu

Sea fishing holiday in Northern Norway!


Based at the foot of the hill, in a sheltered bay, Fagervika Fishing centre offers an outstanding setting for the perfect activity holiday for a whole family.

Along with the other regions of Northern Norway, Nordland provides some of the best saltwater angling in the world.

During summer the midnight sun makes possible fishing in full daylight at any hour!

• Perfect habitat for haddock, sea trout, cod, pollack, halibut, coalfish & redfish

• Fishing boats with instruments for rent

• Marked walking & ski touring trails in the mountains

• Filleting room

• Accommodaton and boat must be booked on same date in the period between 01.05 – 01.09


Fagervika Rorbu - Sea fishing holiday in Northern Norway!

Sea fishing

The Inn-shore fishing area east of the well-known island of Dønna between Fagervika and the islands of Hugla and Tomma is still relatively unexplored by anglers, but a look at the nautical chart is enough to mentally see the halibut or large cod hanging on the hook.

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