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Helgeland Fjordferie

High standard holiday houses on Helgeland


Two modern holiday houses, are ready for those who want to experience excellent sea fishing in sheltered areas.

With stable 19-foot aluminum boats that is for rent, it is close to superb fishing grounds with cod, saithe, ling, haddock and halibut.

One of the real benefits of this resort is that regardless wind direction, you can find sheltered fishing areas.

And not the least, during summer the midnight sun makes it possible to fish all day and night.

• Large deposits of cod, ling, halibut, coalfish and redfish

• Boats for rent

• Sheltered areas

• High standard holiday houses

• Hot tub, sauna and barbecue hut


Helgeland Fjordferie - High standard holiday houses on Helgeland

Sea fishing

The area is extremely sheltered and, compared to other fjords, is so interesting in terms of structure that you can count on the complete variety of fish found in northern Norway here.

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