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Kastneshamn Seafishing

Resort for anglers in Sør-Troms

DyrøyDyrøyTroms og Finnmark

Kastneshamn in Dyrøy - a perfect place for sea anglers. Kastneshamn is an old trading post with a very good harbor. This was a fishing and trade center in the old days. Many good fishing spots in Dyrøysundet, Faksfjorden, Solbergfjorden, Tranøyfjorden and Mjøssundet.

• Large holiday houses with high standard and plenty of space

• Large and sturdy boats for rent

• Excellent area for fishing cod, saith, redfish, flounder, halibut, tusk, ling and herring

• Fantastic area for hiking

• Service building and hot tub close to the sea

• Fuel for boats is paid for directly to the host


Kastneshamn Seafishing - Resort for anglers in Sør-Troms

Sea fishing

Only 3 km from the marina, you will find excellent spots for fishing cod, redfish and halibut in Dyrøysundet.

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