Din Tur

Mølnarodden Lofoten


Time of arrival:
Time of departure:
Distance to convenient store:
10 kilometer
Distance to gas station:
10 kilometer
Distance to post office:
10 kilometer
Nearest center:
Nearest city:
Leknes / LKN
Nearest airport:
Distance Airport:
40 kilometer
Distance to sea:
0 meter
Distance to city centre:
10 kilometer

Cabin located in the heart of Lofoten!

A more authentic feeling of Lofoten is almost impossible to get! This small fishing village, Mølnarodden, has an idyllic and sheltered location between Ballstad and Moskenes.

With Sundstraumen near by, you have access to both the inside and outside of Lofoten, and therefore easy access to adventurous fishing spots. Because of the sheltered location you can almost always find a fishing spot, fishing is almost guaranteed. You have three of the best fishing spots in Lofoten, Moskenesstraumen, Nappstraumen and Sundstraumen within one hour drive with boat.

The possibilities for big halibut, cod, pollack, haddock or mackerel can hardly be better. The docks are still used by commercial fishermen, here you get great fishing stories and information about good fishing spot

• Authentic fishermen cottage located in Lofoten

• Sheltered area with fishing possibilities even in bad weather

• Close to many adventurous fishing spots

• Sturdy and fast boats for rent

• The hosts are professional fishermen and gives good information


Sea fishing

rom February/March, enormous quantities of spawning cod move into the Vestfjord almost right outside the door and have already given many anglers their dream fish of well over 30 kg!!

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