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Mevaer Camp

Mevaer Camp at Fleinvær


The first impression when looking at the sea map is that the area around Fleinvær has potential with its location directly on the open sea outside Saltstraumen, where huge amounts of water flow daily.

With the fast and safe 23-foot boats, fishing spots such as Tennholmen, Givær or Fugløyvær can be reached quickly.

For those who want to hunt halibut, Fleinvær can be recommended, here halibut fishing starts already in March when the halibut comes up in shallow water.

Here you will find one of the best places in Norway, when it comes to big coalfish that comes in from the Atlantic Ocean. From this area also comes the world record fish with 22.7 kg.

Outside Fleinvær, big coalfish are caught every year with weights of 15-20 kg. The best time for this is late summer.

• Modern apartment

• Sauna with a view of the sea

• Stable safe boats

• Filethouse right by the boats

• Short distance to the airports


Mevaer Camp - Mevaer Camp at Fleinvær

Sea fishing

ncidentally, the world record for coalfish (22.7 kg) comes from this area. In the vicinity of Fleinvær, coalfish weighing around 15-20 kg are often caught.

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