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Tomma Havfiske

Holiday house with very nice location


Holiday house at fantastic Tomma!

Tomma Havfiske is located on the east side of the island, and with access to good fishing spots both in the shallow fjord and out on the big sea.

The house is located in a quiet and peaceful cultural landscape. Boats, floating dock and gutting shed are private.

• Good fishing for cod, saithe, haddock, halibut, pollock, ling and tusk, as well as redfish and mackerel

• Large house with laundry room and a lot of space. Perfect for long stays

• Private gutting shed

• Quiet and peaceful surroundings on Tomma

• Family friendly house


Tomma Havfiske - Holiday house with very nice location

Sea fishing

If you ask an angler if he's ever heard of the islands of Tomma or Hugla , he'll probably just give you a quizzical look. But that's how it was over 10 years ago also on the island of Vega - and just like there, this will change here within a very short time.

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