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Træna Arctic Fishing

Fishing holidays in Norways most beautiful coastal scenery!


Træna is one of Norways smallest municipalities, but nevertheless one of the most beautiful.

The distinctive rock formation on the island Sanna is a towering landmark known by sailors of all time, and now you have the opportunity to fish in this stunning archipelago.

Træna is so far out to sea as you can get, and in combination with thousands of islets, reefs and shallow waters this is a fishing paradise. Here are both great and a lot of fish and the diversity of species is great, just outside your house.

The Arctic Circle runs through Træna, so the summer nights are long. Welcome!

• High standard accommodation on the pier

• Free hot tub and barbeque hut on request

• Solid boats perfect for deep sea fishing

• Great opportunities for both large and plenty of fish

• Incredible beautiful nature with the famous island Sanna!

• More than 220 bird species have been seen in Træna!

• NB: it is possible to bring your car to and from Selvær on all days EXCEPT on Saturdays


Træna Arctic Fishing - Fishing holidays in Norways most beautiful coastal scenery!

Sea fishing

Around Træna, Mother Nature has created exactly the place that we as anglers would have drawn on a drawing board if we were asked to draw the destination of our wet dreams.

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