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Get ready for your Norwegian sea fishing like an experienced pro! On this page we have listed some apps that may be useful to download and have available on your mobile. The apps allow you to prepare better and provide you with useful information when you need it. We have thoroughly tested all the apps below and are sure they can be an important tool to use before and on your next fishing trip. 


Fish like the pros with Fishbuddy, the app where some of Norway's best and most enthusiastic recreational fishermen have gathered their knowledge and experience.

In the app, you get expert advice on where you should fish, conservation zones, minimum and maximum size, good maps, tools for fish recognition and for logging and sharing catches. In addition, the app has a function that gives you answers to the species and size you have caught, thanks to a new measurement tool for catching. The app is also a game changer for the sustainable management of underwater life. Fishbuddy uses a registration tool that is based on augmented reality (AR) technology. By taking a picture of the fish, the app calculate species (AI), length and weight (AR), place of capture (satellite/GPS) and collect other open data such as weather. In this way, enormous amounts of data are collected (of course anonymized for those who want it), about what it is like below the sea surface, information that is absolutely crucial for the sustainable management of fishing resources. All this in order to be able to contribute to a greater extent to sustainable and healthy fishing, wherever the app is used. Fishbuddy is in close dialogue with the authorities to pass on collected data and knowledge which can further be used to maintain sustainable fishing in Norway.

Languages: English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian


Fish smarter with Fishbrain! Find new fishing spots, get detailed local information and connect with a passionate community of 15 million anglers. Fishbrain gives you the maps, forecasts and tools you need to improve your fishing skills. The app has a very detailed fishing map that makes it easy to find exciting fishing spots, and it also makes it easy to find boat ramps and other points of interest.

Languages: English, Swedish, French, Spanish

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