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Din Tur is the first fishing tour operator to organise exciting shore fishing holidays within Norway. Norway`s vast shorline offers a great combination of deep fiords and open sea marks, with shelter against weather and wind. Furthermore the Norwegian shoreline fishing spots are rich in different species and huge fish. You`ll seldom have a better chance to smash yout personal best shore catch.

We have concentrated our shore fishing development in the area around Flatanger and on the Island Leka. WhY? Because these areas offer everything you can expect from a perfect shore fishing holiday. The area around Flatanger and Leka has been thoroughly tested  and meets the needs of keen shore anglers. Here you`ll find plenty of fishing spots, both inside the fiords and outside in the open sea. In Flatanger we offer three different holiday destinations, while on Leka Island we have a fourth quality assured shore fishing destination.

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How do I find my way around?

At each holiday destination, you can loan a handheld Navigation (GPS) free of charge – this is included in the rental of your stay. Below you will find suggestions on fishing places, plus a short description about how to get there, depth, fishing tips, and species you can expect to catch. The coordinates you find below (XML-files) will make it easy for you to identify the various fishing spots the area has to offer. The same practical fishing information you find in this text is also available in each holiday house in paper version. When it comes to the co-ordinates, you just punch them into yout handheld navigator, or use your smart phone to take you to the required fishing spot.


GPS- co-ordinates are provided for a selection of proven marks, with details of depths, ground type, and species you are likely to catch on each mark in Flatanger. These fishing spots are meant to be helpful guidelines, but bear in mind, there is plenty of water to fish in and other places to explore, so you can also choose your own fishing spots, you may well find your own hot spot.



The Grass Bank

 Lat. 64.29.324N,  Long. 10.53.458 E

Turn left off the 766 approx. 500 metres before Lauvsnes Bridge. Drive down the track to the grassy area at the waters edge. The depth is between 10 to 20 metres casting towards the island. Ground is mostly sand with a few rocky patches. Excellent for bait and shad fishing, for cod, Halibut, Dabs, Plaice and also this is a great Sea Trout spot.


Lauvsnes Bridge

Lat. 64. 29.639 N, Long. 10. 53.338 E

Drive to Lauvsnes Bridge and you can park on either side of the bridge. Fishing towards the small island on the inside of the fjord you can cast into approx. 20 metres, when retrieving a fish there is a ledge to come up so you have to keep your gear moving or you can get stuck. The fish come through with the tide rip and fishing is really good while the tide is flooding.

Great spot for Cod, Dabs, Plaice, and Haddock & Sea Trout.


Flatanger Rorbuer Channel

64. 30.167 N,  Long. 10. 51.197 E

Park behind the apartments at Flatanger Rorbuer and walk through the trees to the rock edges (less than 5 min. walk) You can fish all the way along the channel casting in to approx. 20 to 30 metres depth. There is a steep ledge to come up but the fishing is excellent for Cod, Halibut, Wolfish, Coalies, Pollack and flatfish.


The Quarry

Lat. 64. 30.383 N,  Long. 10. 50.487 E

Drive across Lauvsnes Bridge and continue along the 766 for approx. 1.5 miles, turn off on the right in to the Chandlers shop/boatyard, drive past the chandlers shop and in to the quarry (if the quarry is working please ask permission to fish)

You can fish all along the shoreline here; the depth is approx. 20 metres and is mixed ground. This is a good Halibut mark and also produces excellent Cod and Pollack.


Einvika Point

Lat. 64. 30.628 N,  Long. 10. 48.216E

Continue along the 766 until you come to Einvika and turn in to the small marina area and park in the car parking area. Walk to the left and up on to the rocks. You will be casting in to deep water of between 20 and 50 metres. This is a great spot for Halibut and Wolfish, also Cod and Pollack. Fishing from half way up the tide and half way down the tide produces the best results here.



Lat. 64. 29.783 N,  Long. 10. 48.636 E

Strom is signposted on the left just before Einvika and is a small inlet behind the mountain. There are a couple of good spots here with depths between ten and 21 metres. The ground is sand and shingle patches and is perfect for Halibut and Plaice. The riptide that comes through from Sor Straumen feeds into the pools here. Fishing the flood tide is best in here.


Sør Straumen Factory

Lat. 64. 30.229 N,  Long. 10. 47.509 E

On the road 766 between Einvika and Vik just a few metres from the Sor Straumen Bridge turn in on the right to the fish farm building. Please ask permission to fish the jetty and surrounding areas. Fish here from halfway up the flood tide and half way down the ebb tide. The ground is a mixture of sand and rocks. Great spot for Cod and Flatfish including Halibut.


Glasoya Point

Lat. 64. 29.587 N,  Long. 10. 46.258 E

Heading along the 766 between Einvika and Vik as you come down the small hill you will see Glasoya island. Park at the edge of the field opposite the island and walk along to the point. Fish the flood tide from about 2 hours after low water to about 3 hours after high water. Ground is mixed and you can cast in to depths between 20 to 40 metres. Excellent Halibut and Cod fishing, also good Plaice fishing.


Nord Straumen Island

Lat. 64. 28.939 N,  Long. 10. 46.103 E

Heading along the 766 towards Vik you will come to the bridge at Nord Straumen. Drive across the bridge and park off the road on the right hand side. You can fish the fast water for Pollack and Sea Trout or walk back across the bridge and over the small spit of land onto the front of the island. Fish here from low water up. Cod, Pollack, Plaice, Dabs, & Halibut are caught here. The depth from the island is approx. 10 to 25 metres on to sand and rock.


The Fish Factory

Lat. 64. 28.006 N,  Long. 10. 44.064 E

Drive past Vik and continue approx. 1.5 miles around the bay, you will see a right turn going down to the fish factory on the waters edge. Drive down to the car park and ask permission to fish the jetty. You can also walk along on to the rocks above and to the right of the factory and fish from there. There is a steep ledge about 30 yards out so be careful of tackle losses. The fishing here is excellent with good numbers of Cod & Haddock. The ground is sand/mud patches and depth drops off to approx. 40 to 50 metres.


Kvaloysetter Jetty

Lat. 64. 28.540 N,  Long. 10. 41.695 E

Drive through Vik on the 766 until you come to Kvaloyseter. Drive along the concrete jetty and park in a suitable place that won’t cause any obstruction. The bottom is mostly sandy and depths vary between 15 and 35 metres. This is a fantastic spot for, Halibut, Cod, Plaice, Dabs, Coalies, & Wolfish.


Kvaloysetter Point

Lat. 64. 28.625,  Long. 10. 41.681

Drive through Vik on the 766 until you come to Kvaloyseter, when you reach the start of the jetty drive to the right and cross to the other side of the harbour and park there. You can walk on to the rock edges about 50 meters from the car and fish the mixed ground in approx. 30 metres for, Cod, Halibut, Wolfish, Plaice and Dabs.                                                            



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