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You can use the same shore rods & reeels for fishing in Norway, that you use here in England, so you don't need to buy special gear for your fishing holiday. Rods like, Century and Zipplex etc, with reels such as the Penn 525, are perfect for Norway. You can take your rods with you in rod tubes like," Bazooka" tubes for instance, and you can gaffer tape your beach tripod to the outside of the tube if you don't want to put it inside with your rods. A good spinning outfit for shad and general lure fishing, is a must for fishing the margins and drop offs. Reels can be loaded with 18 to 20lb mainline with an 80lb shockleader, if you use a fixed spool you can load it with mono or braid. We find that the most productive rigs are up and over rigs (long flowing trace below the lead) for fast tide marks, two hook flapper rigs for narrow channels and bay areas, and standard pulley rigs from rock marks. 6/0 to 8/0 Sakuma Manta Extra hooks, with 50lb trace line and an 80 to 100lb rig body, are ideal for the big Cod & Halibut.

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Bait is plentiful in these areas, as shown above, you can dig big lugworm & white rag in the bays all around Flatanger & also in Leka. You can collect plenty of clam & mussel and you can catch herring for bait. Bluey is a fantastic bait in Norway and takes many Big Fish, you can take this with you, frozen in a cool box or bag. A cocktail of bluey and fresh mussel, as shown above, is an absolute dynamite bait, the scent trail from this, soon attracts the big fish.

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