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Blomsøy Rorbuer

Sea fishing & walking holiday in Helgeland!


An incredible coastline studded with islands and islets - this is Helgeland.

Whether it is fishing from the shore, small fjords around or deep water further out, Blomsøy Rorbuer is perfect as a place for exciting angling.

sides fishing, the camp is a valuable recreation resort and a wonderful walking holiday destination.

• Perfect red fish, ling, tusk, halibut fishing; habitat for all most popular sea fishing species

• Fishing boats with chartplotters for rent

• Fish cleaning facilities

• Marked walking tracks along the islands

• Gasoline for the boat do you purchase directly from the host


Blomsøy Rorbuer - Sea fishing & walking holiday in Helgeland!

Sea fishing

The development of fishing tourism around Blomsøya in recent years can be described without exaggeration as a «success story». If you look more closely at the sea map of the local area, it soon becomes clear that there are good chances of catching large cod, saithe and halibut without having to travel long distances.

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