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Møst Sjøstuer

Fine fishing holiday near Kristiansund!

KristiansundKristiansundMøre og Romsdal

Three holiday cottages in a delightful wooded setting lining the waters edge on the island of Frei. The fishing camp is a good base for exploring the native abundant wild and marine life in tranquil surroundings. The coastal waters of Frei, with an old "herring bay" of Møstavågen, hold much and the opportunities to the angler are immense.

• Good saltwater fishing for most popular species of fish in the western Norway

• Marked hiking trails; biking tracks through the island

• Diving at Strømsholmen professional diving centre

• Outdoor relaxing areas

• Filet house with cold and hot water and ice machine for transport of fish


Møst Sjøstuer - Fine fishing holiday near Kristiansund!

Sea fishing

When the weather is calm, we recommend you try fishing where only the large vessels usually go - which means about 30-60 minutes of boating, but also a chance for the much larger fish. The large shoals of pollack regularly move into the fjord from July/August.

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