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Exciting sea fishing holiday in Nordland!


Warm, comfortable holiday cottage in a beautiful location. Enjoying wonderful views over Bindalsfjorden in the distance, Røytvold is a good base for local walks and recreation in tranquil surroundings.

A variety of sea depths and fishing conditions nearby, short distance to the open sea, everything is set for an unbelievable angling experience in Røytvoll camp.

• Perfect habitat for all popular marine sport fishes in the northern Norway

• Sitting area outside with furniture

• Large filleting room & freezer facilities

• Breathtaking scenes of Arctic nature and phenomena


Røytvoll - Exciting sea fishing holiday in Nordland!

Sea fishing

Right next to the harbor there is a great place for heavy pollocks - if you let yourself drift towards deep water here at the edge of Røytvollgrunnen and try your luck with small rubber fish, twisters or pirks on light tackle, success should not be far away.

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