Din Tur

Strand Sjøfiske

NordmøreAverøyMøre og Romsdal

Time of arrival:
Time of departure:
Distance to convenient store:
11 kilometer
Distance to gas station:
11 kilometer
Distance to post office:
11 kilometer
Distance to restaurant:
11 kilometer
Distance to pub:
11 kilometer
Nearest center:
Nearest city:
Kristiansund N
Nearest airport:
Kristiansund Lufthavn
tilbys ikke
Distance Airport:
29 kilometer
Distance to sea:
130 meter
Distance to city centre:
11 kilometer

Holiday apartment and good sea fishing in Nordmøre.

Strand Sjøfiske, a holiday resort with great location on Averøya, at Kvernes. For sport fishermen this is a discovery with a good harbor and short distance to good fishing grounds. Just outside the floating dock are good fishing grounds for cod, pollack, saithe, ling, tusk, redfish and other common species. The fishing grounds are well protected from windy weather. The Atlantic Road is a short drive away and in the barn next by children can enjoy animals such as pigs or chickens, making it a perfect destination for families as well as fishermen.

• Good fishing for many attractive fish species such as cod, redfish etc.

• Rental of safe and stable boats

• Short distance to several attractions

• Close to Kristiansund with water park and many shops

• Gas purchased by hosts

• In good weather the open sea is only a short boat trip away

• In case of rough sea, the boat is moved to a harbor 1 km away from your accommodation


Sea fishing

The Bremsnesfjord, which is in reality more of a strait than a fjord, is an excellent fishing area, especially for sea fishing. Large tusks of well over 10 kg have been caught here regularly for years.

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