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When do we receive the boat?

Answer: Boat delivery applies from the same time as the housing unit, at 14:00 (2pm)

What do we do when luggage is delayed / missing on a flight?

Answer: Contact the service desk at the airport and report your luggage as lost

When should the order be paid for?

Answer: Partial payment must be paid no later than 14 days after the order has been placed and the rest payment no later than 1 month before arrival

Do I have to pay for children?

Answer: Yes, it must be paid for children, it is the number of beds you pay for

How do I pay for the booking?

Answer: it can be paid by card via our website or by ordinary bank transfer

Can I have an invoice sent in Euros?

Answer: Yes, invoices can be sent in Euros.

Can I pay with Euros?

Answer: Yes, you can pay in Euros, but be sure that the amount paid in Euros covers the amount in NOK

Do I have to pay a deposit for the housing unit and boat?

Answer: It varies at the specific resorts. Contact Din Tur for more information

Can the deposit be paid by card and in what currency can it be paid?

Answer: It varies at the individual resorts. Contact Din Tur for more information

Can I buy boat insurance?

Answer: Some resorts sell insurance. Contact Din Tur for more information

Is Din Tur a member of the travel guarantee fund?

Answer: Yes, Din Tur is a member of the travel guarantee fund

What does the travel guarantee entail?

Answer: See info on the travel guarantee fund page

When are the arrival and departure times?

Answer: Arrival is at 2:00 p.m., contact the host if arrival is later, departure is no later than 10:00 a.m.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Answer: See information about changes and cancellations in our terms of agreement

How do I get in touch with the host?

Answer: Contact information to the host will be provided when partial payment has been made

Is there a rental of life jackets at the resort?

Answer: Yes, everyone going out in a boat will be given life jackets by the host

Where do I find "my orders" on the webiste?

Answer: You can find "my orders" by logging in with your username and password at        

Does Din Tur sell travel insurance?

Answer: No, Din Tur does not sell travel insurance

Does Din Tur sell gift cards?

Answer: Yes, if interested, contact Din Tur via email or telephone +47 7407 3000

Can I book an airport transfer from the airport to the resort?

Answer: Many of our resorts offer transfers from/to the airport. Contact Din Tur to check if your chosen resort offers this, we can add it to your booking

What are the rules for driving a boat in Norway?

Answer: A boat license is required to operate a boat for anyone born on or after 01.01.1980

Do I get information from the host about fishing spots?

Answer: Yes, the hosts will inform their guests where to go to find the best fishing spots

Are all Din Tur's resorts registered tourist fishing businesses?

Answer: Yes, all the resorts that can be booked through Din Tur are registered tourist fishing businesses.

How much fish can you bring out of Norway? Answer: The export quota is 18 kg per person as long as the stay has been at a registered tourist fishing business. The export quota must be brought in person when leaving. You cannot bring fish for others who are not traveling with you. The quota can be taken out of the country up to twice per year

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