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Din Tur Care

Din Tur Care - safe, sustainable and good experiences - because we care!

Din Tur Care

Because we care!

Thank you for wanting to get to know Din Tur better.

As Norway's leading tour operator in sea fishing tourism, a great responsibility rests on our shoulders. We have a world in constant and continuous change.

Life should be lived faster than before, but at the same time we must take the time to lower our shoulders and just enjoy. 

Enjoy nature. Enjoy each other's company and take in new good experiences in safe surroundings.


That's why you choose Din Tur!

We make arrangements for you to have these good experiences, from the moment you leave your own door, until you return home.

 We ensure that the transport is as environmentally friendly as possible so that these experiences can also be experienced by future generations.

You must be looked after and feel safe. In addition, our suppliers ensure that we comply with Norway's Marine Resources Act, which aims to ensure the sustainable management of marine life. They must responsibly live side by side with those who do commercial fishing, but the fact that you choose to visit them helps to keep old, small coastal communities along Norway's coast alive!

We work closely with our suppliers to help them make the best possible arrangements for you. That they will play good for you and ensure that you make the right decisions for your own safety. We only have registered facilities among our suppliers and we offer tools to ensure that you report the catch in accordance with the legislation.

We have the best suppliers and when these choose to work with us, it is a great declaration of confidence, which you in turn benefit from. We work closely with the UN's sustainability goals and constantly seek to make a difference, where we can make a difference.

Because we care!


Starting with the 22/23 season, Din Tur is proud to be the main sponsor of the Norwegian Show Jumping team. A national team that does not distinguish between men or women, where everyone must be given equal opportunities to succeed. A national team that works across nations to build on, on behalf of the sport.

We know that the sport of jumping is popular in the countries where 90% of our guests come from and by contributing to this, we contribute to the development of the sport and new great experiences for our enthusiastic guests.

It is not so important whether it is a Polish, German, Norwegian or Czech jumper who wins, it is ultimately the sport of jumping that wins.

That is why Din Tur is proud to be the main sponsor of the Norwegian Show Jumping Team.


Because we care! 

And that is our promise to you,

We care!

We are constantly working to improve

We continuously work with smart solutions to create experiences for you

We are constantly working to find the best price

We continuously work with the UN's sustainability goals


Because we care – Din Tur cares, with Din Tur Care!

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